Heidi hackney’s Coaching Services

Autistic Adult Coaching

At The Can Do Coach, I am dedicated to guiding individuals, whether newly diagnosed, long aware of their Autism, or supporting a loved one on the spectrum. Through personalized coaching sessions, we will delve into self-acceptance, self-advocacy, emotional well-being, and effective coping strategies.

My belief in everyone’s unique purpose and potential forms the foundation for creating a safe and understanding space, fostering personal growth, and helping individuals lead lives that truly matter.

My personalized coaching sessions are tailored specifically for autistic adults like you.

Types of Coaching

Autistic Adult Coaching

We will explore self-acceptance, self-advocacy, emotional well-being, executive functioning skills, and effective coping strategies through personalized coaching sessions.

Whether you are newly diagnosed, have been aware of your Autism for years, or are the spouse/partner to an Autistic individual – I am committed to providing a safe and understanding space for your personal growth!

Partner and Family Support

I understand that the journey of living with or supporting an Autistic partner or family member presents its challenges. I offer guidance and support to partners and families, fostering understanding, effective communication, and building solid relationships. Together, we will navigate the complexities of neurodiverse dynamics and create a harmonious and nurturing environment for everyone involved.

Career and Employment

Finding meaningful and fulfilling employment is a crucial aspect of an Autistic individual’s life. I offer career coaching tailored to the unique skills and needs of Autistic adults, helping you explore career options, develop efficient job-search strategies, create effective resumes, excel in interviews, advocate for accommodations, and thrive in the workplace. Let’s unlock your true potential and pave the way for professional success!

LGBTQ+ Acceptance

I am passionate about fostering acceptance and support for Autistic individuals within the LGBTQ+ community. I provide a safe and inclusive space for discussions surrounding gender identity, sexual orientation, and intersectionality and advocate for greater understanding and acceptance. Your journey to self-discovery, personal growth, and a fulfilling life begins here. Together, we will embrace your authentic self, navigate relationships, enhance your career prospects, and foster a community that embraces neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ acceptance.

Heidi’s Individual Packages:

  • 10 Sessions/10 Weeks = $1250.00 + $250 Intake Session (NF)
  • 10 Sessions/10 Weeks + Career Assessment = $1350.00 + $250 Intake Session (NF)

Heidi’s Spouse/Partner Package:

  • 12 Sessions/24 Weeks = $1500.00 + free text support

NF = non-refundable***

All fees are paid in full at the start of coaching. 

Missed sessions will be added to the end of the coaching period when given adequate notice.

All sessions are 50 minutes and are virtual, by phone or in person. 

Intake sessions can take up to two hours.

Individual Coaching
Spouse/Partner Coaching
Career + Interview Coaching
Individual Coaching