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About Heidi

My mission at Heidi Hackney (she/her), the Can-Do Coach, is to empower autistic adults, their partners, and their families to thrive in all aspects of life. I provide personalized coaching and support that focuses on developing skills, building confidence, and creating meaningful connections to succeed at home and work.

What Makes Heidi Hackney the Best Life Coach?

  • Certified Autism Professional (CAP)
  • Trained at AANE in LifeMAP program
  • Certified Intensive Autism Coach (IACT)
  • Master’s Degree in Human Development
  • Youth Coaching Institute mentor & trainer
  • Certified Professional Skiing Instructor

Heidi Hackney MS, PCC, BCC, The Can Do Coach

In some ways, I have been coaching my entire life. A high school friend called me out of the blue and asked if I had ever considered coaching. I laughed because I was in coaching training then and asked why she wanted to know. She said I had coached her when we were 17 years old and that I was right. She called to encourage me to use this gift to help others. I viewed that exchange as confirmation that I was on the right path.

After many years as a clinical monitor, corporate trainer, and manager, I became a stay-at-home mom of our adopted Chinese daughter, Rebecca. Motherhood brought about the most significant emotional and spiritual healing of my life. I came to terms with my abusive past and attacked the haunting images with a vengeance so the cycle of abuse would end with me. In this process, I recovered from sugar addiction and compulsive eating, and I continue daily recovery practices to ensure I maintain a constant connection to God.

Despite facing immense challenges such as abuse, addiction, bankruptcy, infertility, mental illness, divorce, stroke, and cancer, I’ve managed to build a fulfilling and blessed life. I’m happily remarried with a wonderful child, successful in my business, and have repaired family relations. I contribute to my church and community through volunteering and being an optimist.

My education, experience, and God-given talents enable me to understand people and situations quickly. My scars give me empathy and a profound understanding beyond the intellectual level.

I’ve overcome obstacles with an enduring positive outlook, and if I can do it, so can you!

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