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Our mission at the Can-Do Coach is to empower autistic adults, their partners, and their families to thrive in all aspects of life. I provide personalized coaching and support that focuses on developing skills, building confidence, and creating meaningful connections to succeed at home and work.

Heidi Hackney holds a Master’s degree and is a Certified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Board-Certified Coach (BCC). With years of experience supporting Autistic adults, she is well-equipped to guide you!

I believe in an individualized approach to coaching, recognizing that each person has different needs and goals. Our coaching sessions are tailored to your requirements, ensuring effectiveness and positive outcomes.


Take the first step towards a confident and fulfilling life! 


What qualifications does Heidi Hackney have as a coach for autistic adults?

Heidi Hackney has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and a master’s degree in Human Development. She has logged over 700 hours of coaching on various topics with clients ranging from 20 to 75 years of age.  She has specific Autism coach training through Aspergers/Autism Network (AANE) and is a certified Intensive Autism Coach (IACT). In addition, she is a Certified Autism Professional. Most importantly, she is happily married to someone on the spectrum and has over 20 years of experience navigating life with someone who sees life through an ASD lens.

What can I expect from working with Heidi Hackney as an autistic adult?

Working with Heidi Hackney, you can expect personalized coaching sessions tailored to your specific needs and goals. She will provide guidance and support in areas such as building life skills, enhancing social interactions, and setting and achieving personal and professional goals.

How does Heidi Hackney incorporate the unique needs of autistic adults into her coaching?

Heidi Hackney takes a person-centered approach to coaching autistic adults, recognizing and respecting each individual’s unique strengths, challenges, and preferences. Her coaching techniques are designed to accommodate the sensory sensitivities, communication styles, and processing differences often associated with autism.

Can Heidi Hackney provide support and resources for employment opportunities for autistic adults?

Yes, Heidi Hackney can provide guidance and resources to help autistic adults find suitable employment opportunities. She can assist individuals with resume building, interview skills, workplace transitions, and advocating for accommodations in the workplace.

Can Heidi Hackney help develop social skills & interpersonal relationships for autistic adults?

Absolutely! Heidi Hackney has experience in coaching autistic adults in social skills development. She can help individuals improve communication, navigate social situations, enhance friendships, and establish meaningful connections with others.

How often should I expect coaching sessions with Heidi Hackney?

The frequency of coaching sessions with Heidi Hackney can be tailored to your individual needs and availability. It can range from weekly sessions to bi-weekly or monthly sessions, depending on your preference and the goals you are working towards.

Can Heidi Hackney provide remote coaching sessions for autistic adults?

Yes, Heidi Hackney offers remote coaching sessions for autistic adults. These sessions can be conducted via video conferencing platforms or phone calls providing flexibility and accessibility to individuals who prefer or require remote coaching. If you are in the Durham, NC, area and want in-person sessions, Heidi will do that too.

Does insurance cover coaching sessions with Heidi Hackney for autistic adults?

No, unfortunately, we cannot accept insurance at this time.

How do I start working with Heidi Hackney as an autistic adult?

To get started with Heidi Hackney, you can book a Complimentary Call from the Calender above! From there, you can discuss your needs and goals and schedule an initial consultation session to determine if her coaching approach fits you. 

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